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Frequently Ask Question

What documents should I carry?
  • Identity card;
  • Telephone number;
  • Email address
  • Addresses of residence;
  • Passport copies, and
  • other personal information that serves as group identity (in case you travel in group)
Can I cancel may trip or travel date?

Make sure that the change does not happen within 48 hours before the departure time. Re-schedule is allowed before, as long as the seats are available. Unless force majeur reason (such as bad weather, volcanic activity,  travel restriction by the government, or other emergency reasons), we have a regulation about cancellation charge, as follows:

  • Up to 7 days before departure date: free of charge
  • 2 to 6 days before departure date: 50% of the ticket price
  • 24 hours before departure date: 100% of the ticket price
What if the cancellation comes from Manta Express?

In case that we have a strong reason to cancel the boat trip, you will be transferred to another fast boat, free of chage. We are responsible for the transfer process.

What happens when the cancellation is due to force majeur?

We always inform the passengers as soon as we get the notification from the government authority about the weather. In this case, we provide the passengers with some options:

  • Rescheduling the boat trip. You can choose from the schedules available;
  • Canceling the trip and your get 100% refund;
  • Taking ferry boat with partial refund. We pay the ferry charge and refund the rest of your money, in case that you cannot reschedule the boat trip. Our staff will handle the transfer without additional fee.
What’s a specific reason for me to use your service?

Manta Express is one of experienced and dependable boat service companies in Bali. It is experienced in offering fast boat services from Bali to Gili Trawangan and other Gilis in Lombok. Having years of experience, Manta Express is famous for reliable services in arranging transportation and accommodation. We offer service-oriented boat and travel experience for you while in Bali and Lombok.

We also have Private Shuttle to Harbour and MotorBike Rental

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Yesterday was my third visit to Gili Trawangan. Like the first two visits, I went with I did not want to experiment with another fastboat rental company. So far Manta Express is the best companion to Gili Trawangan I ever have.
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My last trip to Gili Trawangan was actually not planned in advance. I met some friends in Bali and we decided to take a boat trip from Bali to the Gilis. helped us much. In addition, we booked a hotel in Lombok from its sister travel company. Everything is done and the trip was wonderful.
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We went to Gili Trawangan, Meno, and Air last week in a smal group. At first, I wondered whether the trip would be hassle-free since it was my first trip to the islands. We rented a fastboat from We really enjoyed the trip. The fastboat was comfortable and we had fun during the trip.